Catalogue Raisonné Dated and Non Dated Paintings-Extraxts

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Dated Paintings are in chronological order.

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Selection and Gallery 1

Selected paintings 1889-1896


Gallery 1 partly  1889-1896-just click on an item and the miracle will arrive

Selected paintings 1897-1916


Gallery 1 continued  1897-1916-click on an item

Selected Paintings 1917-1919  

Gallery 1continued 1917 until 1919-click on an item

Maturity continued 1919 until 1925 Gallery 2

Selection and Gallery 2

Gallery 2 1919-1925

Maturity continued until 1928

Selection and Gallery 3 until 1928


Gallery 3 1925-1928

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Catalogue Raisonné Non Dated Paintings in Alphabetic order

We have about +200 non dated paintings and we will limit the presentation to paintings only. Studies, drawings and others will not be shown in the blog to not affect the visibility of the data shown.

Periodes of education, impressionisme and maturity are by definition mixed due to the alphabetic order.

Selection and Gallery 1 A-C

Gallery 1 ND Alpabetic A-C

Selection and Gallery 2 ND D-H


Gallery 2 ND D-H

Selection and Gallery 3 ND H-L

Gallery 3 ND H-L



‘Den Dommel’

We all have stories to tell…in three languages?

This book is under development and will reveal a lot of stories, based on the large imagination of the author.

He was living in the paradise on earth for a few years and wrote down all the events, threads and happy hours in and after the paradise.

Two World Wars, death penalty with a bullet, loss of a child, abandoning of-and return to the Paradise, collaboration and repression, theft, manipulation, bankruptcies, incendiarism and above all the beauty of the paintings and the strange road they follow sometimes will keep you awake when reading the book in one shot.

You want a copy? You can pre-list now for only EURO 100 per copy.

The Author in the paradise on earth